At Lot 49 we work with you to identify the story you want to tell, and base our editing suggestions or decisions around that. We pay careful attention to pace, mood, theme, and of course, the all important performances.

No matter what genre your project falls under, we can either work hands-on during the editing process, or be brought in on a review/advisory capacity.

For the Los Angeles based actor, demo reels serve as a critical promotional tool. We pride ourselves in distilling each actor's core essence and strongest skill set and presenting them in the most engaging way.

If you have sufficient footage available we can create multiple reels to separate and distinguish your comedic and dramatic skills. Or if your body of work falls strongly under one category we might suggest creating reels of varying length (you know how busy those casting directors get!).

Filmmakers who may lack a viable post production set-up can work with us to cut their digital short at our facilities. We are also available to travel to our client's workstations to provide additional support and guidance. You determine our level of involvement based on your needs.