For those clients who desire a completely unique website we offer custom sites. Working with the client we determine their needs and the best way to capture and present their business to the world at large. No matter what you have to offer we can customize "the best of you by design."

In addition to creating unique websites, we are happy to work with our clients to both identify and then customize a pre-made template. Depending upon the client's needs this route can prove a more economical approach to getting themselves and their business online.

Apple Computer has been continually improving their software for the at-home designer. To help those customers who want to eventually be able to make changes themselves to their website, we now offer on-site tutoring in Apple's iWeb program. In addition, the client can choose to have us create the initial site with the option to contract for tutoring at a later time if they so desire.

In order to best meet the client's needs for a
fast turnaround at a reasonable price we sourced
and customized a template that best fit his business.

No matter what type of website you choose, a host of fun and exciting add-ons are now available to help make your website really stand out. The digital assets or materials that are contained within these add-on sections can be provided either by the client themselves, or can be created with our help.

Video is king on the web these days, and no wonder. It's easier than ever to add the most attention grabbing of material to your website and really help people see what you have to offer.

Whether you're an actor needing to have the most unique forum for your talents, or a small business owner wanting to add impact to your product's presentation, we can work with you to either incorporate your exisiting material, or even create unique material for you!

Websites can incorporate audio in many ways. The most basic is to offer background music to your site (though always include an easy method for your audience to turn the music off!). Actors may want to include voice over material in addition to any video footage (as it is a separate and unique skill set!).

Musicians can take advantage of the medium to offer promotional soundbites of their compositions. And business owners can offer unique and interesting approaches to helping get their message out.

Working onsite with the client we were able to
combine her two great passions into one cohesive
site while advancing her training on the software.

Oftentimes the design of the website itself creates a unique brand in your audience's mind from the start. The colors, typeface, images and other design elements combine to create the look which is your business.

However, certain projects can have their design impact increased by including a more traditional logo. We have worked with some clients to produce both static and movement based logos which help reinforce their message.